Why DON’T I Do Something More Productive?

I try to tell as many people as possible that I have a website.  I don’t just fire it out there, like as soon as I meet someone say “Hi, I’m Shaun and have you heard of Bacon Is Health Food?” or anything like that.  However, as the opportunity come up, especially with people who might not have Facebook and so may not have been exposed to my blog at all.

I mentioned it to one particular co-worker last week, one who happens to be known for his stifling negativity.  “Why on earth do you have a blog?  Why don’t you do something more productive with your time!?  Does anyone even read it?” he asked.

Not actually my hands, or my computer.  Or my lap.

Why, indeed.

Sometimes I do wonder what drives me to spend time each day thinking of and then typing up some kind of (hopefully) coherent thoughts onto the screen.  Sometimes I have so many things to write about I struggle to remember them all while I find my little notebook to write them down in.  Other days I have no idea what will be on this site halfway through the afternoon.

It certainly doesn’t help that I am and always have been a chronic procrastinator.  Waiting until the last minute to complete things has been my M.O. since grade 4 and maybe earlier.  Having this blog has certainly helped me with working on a deadline, though I really wish I was better at getting ahead on posts.

I don’t blog for the fame.  While my Alexa ranking is in the low 400,000s (woohoo!) and getting lower, I have no thought of someday being a household name on the topic of diet and exercise.  Of course, contrary to my coworker’s implication, I do know that people read at least some of what I write.  Don’t ever feel like your comment, Facebook like, google +1 or email isn’t appreciated!

It isn’t that I write for the money.  While I have heard that it is actually possible to make a decent income from blogging, I don’t foresee that coming my way anytime soon.  I haven’t ‘monetized’ my blog yet.  I really want to work at producing quality stuff that helps people before I start worrying about that.  The only thing I have done is put a bookstore over on the right column.  Even that was in response to someone asking me what books I would recommend on a certain topic.  Now if someone asks I can just direct them here and they have a whole list of books covering all kinds of issues.  If you want to buy books from Amazon through my site, that would be great (I’ve made $1.52 so far!) but I just want you to learn the information whether you buy, borrow, or just wait for the blog post I eventually make on it.

Two things keep me going at this.  First is the aforementioned chance to help people.  So far the things I have written the most about have been diet/weight loss and personal finance.  I think that I have enough experience and success in these areas to be able to help someone, somehow with an issue.  They’re pretty common issues too.  How many of us have struggled with being overweight or being in debt at some point?  If it happens that you haven’t, you certainly know someone who could use help.

The second thing that keeps me blogging is something that I never expected.  There are a lot of other people out there who are doing similar things in terms of blogging and trying to help other people.  Far from being my competition though, they are some of the most supportive and encouraging people I’ve ever had the opportunity to “meet”.  Sure, some people I only know through Facebook, twitter, or G+, but their encouragement and support means the world to me.  And of course I have the chance to support them too.

So, while there are occasionally things I have to forgo to write a daily blog post, I find every day worth it.  I hope you find some benefit from it too.  As I mentioned, all your comments (whatever form they take) are awesome and I get excited about them all.  If you ever see a post you really like, share it somehow, because sharing is cool,  and also if it helped you chances are it can help someone else too.

Something I hope you take from this post is that you shouldn’t let negative opinions stop you from doing what you love doing.  At certain points in my life I would have let the negative co-worker totally derail me from my task.  With the support of my wife, kids and the blogging community it really didn’t bother me at all!

Are there things I am not writing about that you would like to see covered?  Or the opposite, what stuff do I cover that you wish I’d never mention again?  In the future I would like to cover more on the topic of raising a special needs child and being a dad in general.  I love economics but I don’t want to bore anyone to tears. Hard to say though, because covering the Primal lifestyle is so much fun and it’s really what I’m thinking and talking a lot about these days!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.  You can also send me an email with any questions, comments or suggestions using the Contact tab above.  Thanks for reading!

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