Thoughts From the Amusement Park

My family and I just got home from a great day at the amusement park.  We were at Darien Lake, in western New York state, attending the Kingdom Bound festival.  My friend Ryan and I have been speakers there on the topic of personal finance for the past three years (much more him than me).

A few things that I can share from the trip before I pass out from exhaustion.

One, young people these days are getting heavier at a younger age.  This was obvious to me because we did the water park while we were there.  Now, maybe my perception is a bit off on this one.  When I was a teenager, I was the one who was overweight.  It could be that in my self-consciousness over my own appearance I was missing seeing a bunch of other fat kids my age.  Today though it seems like every other kid – teenagers and even younger – was starting to look a bit pudgy.  Not every one of them will end up obese, of course, but they’re not starting from a good place.

This pirate ship was closed!  My boys were disappointed.

Second, speaking of my own self-consciousness, while I have lost a whole bunch of weight over the past few years (112lbs last time I weighed in – yay), I still don’t have what you might call a ‘beach body’.  Hanging out around the pool with my shirt off is not exactly my idea of a great time.  It did help me get some natural vitamin D though, so I’m not really complaining.  Oh, except for when my 9 year old kept poking me in the stomach while we stood in line for the waterslide.  I felt like he was trying to replicate the episode of the Simpsons where the doctor pokes Homer and times the fat jiggle.  (If you haven’t seen that, here it is, amusingly in Italian).

And speaking of sun exposure, I saw both ends of the spectrum on that.  Lots of people were applying tons of sunscreen.  No doubt they were able to stay out for a long time and not get burnt.  I also saw lots of people with what are going to be quite painful sunburns. Some guys are going to have ridiculous undershirt-shaped farmer’s tans.  I don’t think either of those options were very healthy.  I have no way of knowing how many people went the route my wife and I did: intentionally not apply sunscreen, get a healthy amount of sun exposure, and prevent burning by covering up and using shade.  That, along with a diet rich in antioxidants to help prevent the sunburn from the inside.

Overall though, we had an awesome day out as a family.  I can even honestly say I didn’t spend much time at all of blogging, only really considered it on the drive back home to Canada.

What do you think?  Are the young people of America and Canada getting fatter at a younger age than it seemed when you were a kid?  If so, why do you think that is?  What is your sunscreen policy?  Never, rarely, always?


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