The Week in Review Plus TWIB!

It’s been a great week here in Bacon Is Health Food land.

On Monday I tried to counter some of what Conventional Wisdom says about eggs, and their yolks in particular.  Remember the coworker who cuts out the yolks on hard-boiled egg day?  Well, on Thursday she was still at it.  We have a ways to go on that front.

Tuesday I recounted some of my experience at the Darien Lake theme park.  Kingdom bound was great once again – I wish I didn’t have to work on Wednesday or I’d have gone back for a third day!  And I wouldn’t have used sunscreen then either.

On Wednesday I finally got around to posting some of my before and after pictures of my 100lb weight loss.  This very quickly became the “most popular” post on Bacon Is Health Food.  I hope that others can get inspiration and encouragement for their weight loss journey!

Thursday and Friday I kind of went on a rant about soft drink sizes and the economy, respectively.  Why don’t people see that drinking giant cups of sugar water is making our nations fat?  Why doesn’t the government see that spending billions (and trillions) more than comes in will end in economic disaster?

And now….This Week in Bacon!

With a wonderful, light fluffy cheese omelet.

I need to get more creative with my oven cooked bacon photos….


My coworkers thought I was odd for taking pictures of bacon. (Wednesday was BLT day!)
A Wendy’s Baconator – eaten sans bun of course.

Bacon that was given to me as a gift at Kingdom Bound!

I hope you all enjoyed at least one post this week.  Please share your favorite with someone else who would benefit from it too!


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