Making My First Meatza

Living and eating according to the Primal Blueprint gives me the chance to enjoy some delicious food. Many of my favorite foods can be enjoyed regularly when eating primal. There is of course bacon, and also steaks, burgers, sausages. chicken and more.

Nothing wrong with any of those options!  There’s also nothing wrong with getting into a bit of a meal routine, basically mixing different combinations of the above with different vegetable with the occasional giant salad thrown in for variety.   However, with all the dozens (hundreds?) of primal/paleo recipe sites out there, I think it’s a shame to never try anything new.

Coulda gone with a smaller plate.  Was full after eating this though.

In my old conventional way of eating, pizza was easily my favorite food.  If eating pizza was an option, that’s the option I chose.  Pretty much any special occasion or event would be made better with pizza, was my way of thinking.  Once I went primal, the regular pizza eating was out (I still occasionally cheat by eating it.  80/20!)

Back in the day when I was on an Atkins type diet, I used to have pizza every once in a while made with a crust of eggs, milk, cream cheese and grated cheese.  That made an o.k. low carb pizza.  Some people want to avoid all that dairy in the crust especially if they’re going to put cheese on top.  That’s where something called a Meatza comes in.

In case you haven’t heard of it, a Meatza is a pizza with a crust made of…meat!

Over the past couple of months I had seen several recipes for meatzas.  On my Facebook page I asked if anyone had a good recipe to recommend.  The two options I was given (here and here), both looked absolutely delicious.  They also looked a bit complicated, or wanted some ingredients that I didn’t have with me (like shrimp or sirloin steak).  I also wanted my kids to eat the meatza with us, and kind of wanted to keep it sort of simple and go with basic pizza toppings instead of getting all fancy on my very first meatza try.  I fully intend to make those recipes someday, but they just weren’t what I was looking for.

I ended up going with this recipe, from a guy named Justin Owings’ site.  I don’t remember exactly when I found it, but I had bookmarked it a long time ago and it looked like just the ticket.  All it really gives is the recipe for the ground beef “crust”.

Here are the photos I took while making my first Meatza:

Spices and parmesan ready to add before mixing meat.
Mix eggs with beef, then add spices and cheese and mix some more.

“Crust” is in the oven, so I’m cooking some toppings.
Bacon as a topping is optional (ha!).
The crust is ready.  It has shrunk considerably.
Add toppings, back in oven to broil for 5 minutes and….
…out comes the finished product.  Meatza!!

This ended up being a fantastically tasty ‘crust’ recipe.  The best part about it is that my little guy absolutely loved it.  We have a hard time getting him to eat any meat, though he does love salad (odd for a 2 year old?). He is a big bread fan still. We actually haven’t fully transitioned our kids to eating like my wife and I, so it’s good to know that this is something we will be able to go to as a great primal/paleo option.

The only thing I would say in criticism of this recipe is that the meat ‘crust’ ends up being pretty salty.  Next time I make it I will be cutting back by half what the recipe calls for on added salt.  It wasn’t really noticeable when eating the pizza as a whole, but if you just ate a piece of ‘crust’ it was very obvious.

One of the people who commented on my Facebook page asked if they were missing out since they’ve never tried one.  Now that I have made and consumed this meal, I can answer with a confident and unequivocal yes!

Have you ever had Meatza?  Do you make it regularly or is it more of a special occasion treat?  Let me know if you have any special recipes for the crust besides the ones I’ve linked to here.  Do your kids eat meatza without complaint?

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