International Bacon Day!

I recently found out that today, the Saturday before Labor Day, is celebrated as International Bacon Day.  I figured what better day to get back into the habit of blogging regularly about bacon and all the other stuff I write about.  

Now, what should a guy who runs a blog called Bacon is Health Food do to celebrate a day like International Bacon Day?  This is something that I really wish I’d had a bit more time to ponder.  Essentially I’ve only had about twenty-four hours to make a game plan on this.
The very first thing I thought about was to finally make a Bacon Explosion.  After all, it just might be the greatest tribute to bacon out there.  However, I realized quickly there were a few problems with that plan.  
First (and most embarrassingly), I didn’t have enough bacon.  Shocking as it may be, I had only one pound of bacon on hand on IBD eve, and the recipe calls for two.  This could have been overcome with a quick trip to the store, but there were bigger issues.  I didn’t have any BBQ rub or quality BBQ sauce to use with the Explosion.  Again, not something that could not have been dealt with, but my little city is hardly a barbecue hotbed, and whatever I ended up getting wouldn’t have measured up to what the Bacon Explosion really deserved. 
The real factor that derailed my Bacon Explosion plan was that I don’t own a smoker.  Check out this quote from the BBQ Addicts page that addresses this:

“…BBQ Addicts in no way endorses the cooking of the Bacon Explosion in the oven. In fact, it kind of ticks us off a bit. It’s like putting ketchup on a steak…

They go on to list several other unfavorable combinations.  The steak-ketchup reference did it for me.  I can’t imagine ever doing that to a steak.  I cannot in good conscience do the equivalent to something as awesome as the Bacon Explosion on this day of celebration.  I’d rather do something much smaller than risk that.
The lesson here is: know your bacon-related holidays and be prepared for them well in advance.

Bacon Day begins well.

So what am I doing to celebrate today?  I think it will work out pretty well.  So far I’ve started with a fantastic bacon-heavy brunch, pairing it with a single egg and some tomato from our garden.

I’m normally a two or three egg guy, but I felt the bacon needed to be the centerpiece of the meal on International Bacon Day.
What I’ll be doing next is going to remain something of a surprise.  On my Facebook page, Heather Reese of My Husband Ate All My Ice Cream (a great blog, btw) pretty much called me out, and deservedly so.  So if you like the page you probably know what I’m going to attempt.  I plan on making a separate blog post about it of course, so I won’t reveal it here.
I hope you are taking some action to celebrate or at least acknowledge International Bacon Day.  Make sure all your friends are aware of it at the very least.  Try a new bacon based recipe, or just take whatever you were planning to eat today and wrap it in some bacon!  There’s almost no way that can turn out anything but more awesome.  Whatever you decide to do, share it with me in a comment – here or on Facebook, twitter, or Google+.
Happy Bacon Day!  Enjoy copious amounts of bacon, and other healthy foods!



  1. i love bacon and i am very pleased to know there is an international bacon day. if any food needed to be honoured with a day it would be bacon. its the food that has kept us going all these years

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