I’ve discussed this a bit before on the the site, but I believe Conventional Wisdom teaches that going into debt is ok, that it’s totally normal and just a part of life.  I disagree with this, and always teach that never… Continue Reading


Popping a 9

While the title does seem vaguely firearm related, I can assure you no guns were fired in the research for this blog post.  Neither is it a plan for a sequel to my friend Nick’s favorite rap-group-turned-gangster film.  No, in this… Continue Reading


Why This Blog

I am… A Christ-Follower, Husband, Father,Son, Brother, Friend,Economist, Pacifist, Libertarian-Anarchist.Financial Coach, Youth Care Worker,Teacher, Leader, Speaker,Thinker, Writer, and Blogger. I may have to edit that list above to add and elaborate at some point in the future. What I am… Continue Reading